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The ultimate in English style and elegance…

Timothy James Henderson Bespoke Master Tailors was established in 1989 is run by husband and wife team Timothy and Carolina Henderson. Our heart and passion is to maintain the heritage of fine English hand tailoring traditions. With an ‘All English’ ethos, our sole aim is to offer our private clients the ultimate in mens bespoke clothing.

The construction of each garment is an art form and only our time served master craftsmen, who possess the passion and talent, can produce such a unique garment of excellence that is exquisitely hand tailored and made from the finest English milled cloths without compromise.

Up to 80 hours of work goes into every suit we hand craft and over 4,000 individual hand stitches, each with a certain tension vital to each other allowing a natural movement and flow with your body as it molds to become part of you.

Unlike other garments, each one of ours, has a handmade fully floating horse hair canvas which retains the shape of the garment and withstands years of wear and dry cleaning.

Our personally hand selected luxurious cloth selection are the epitome of elegance, handle and yarn grade only attained from the infamous Yorkshire Mills together with beautiful hand woven Scottish and Irish tweed.

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Email: tim@timothyjameshenderson.com